Secret Sins

Secret Sins.  You might be asking yourself what is secret sin? Thinking nothing is secret before God, and you would be right.  But the truth of the matter is that secret sins plague the Church, and effects everyone from leadership, to the person visiting for the first time.  

So what is secret sin? Simply put, it is the sins we commit when no one else is around, that we don't talk about, that we don't ever mention to anyone.  These secrets may include other people that have been offended, assaulted, or violated. They may be lies we've told, or involve websites visited.  

But regardless of the type of sin, if its kept a secret, and goes on continually, unchecked, without repentance it WILL eventually destroy your Spirit Man, and leave you desolate, in reprobate, with your mind justifying why it's OK to remain in that sin.  

And... we all know you cannot be accepted into the Kingdom of God with an unrepentant heart.  
So, what do we do?  Tune in next week for Part 2

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