Pastors & Staff

Michael H. Hatch

Founder & Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor and Bishop Michael Hatch was born late summer in the year nineteen sixty in Washington, D.C.  He is the oldest of four (4) siblings and accepted Christ as his savior at the age of 9.  He lived for Christ up until the age of thirteen, when he was overtaken by peer pressure.  He was forced to choose between being a “little church boy” or a “popular athlete”.  He became a full-fledged athlete and played football, baseball, basketball, and boxing. In 1982, Two (2) years after receiving his BS Degree in Real Estate & Pre-Law he got involved in drugs and organized crime; which led to God giving him an ultimatum: “Either serve God or spend the next 30 years in prison”. Michael chose God and since that time has become a Senior Pastor and Community Leader.

Roi Ford

Executive Pastor of Care

Executive Pastor Roi Ford was born during the summer of sixty eight in San Mateo, California.  his life is a true riches to rags story, as he was born into wealth, but after a bitter divorce, the comfortable life he knew as a child all came crumbling to an end. By the time he was in high school, he became homeless along with his little sister and mother. They met a Christian man, who ran a shelter with a home-like setting, which provided the help needed to get out of their situation. To this day, he has never forgotten the kind actions of this man. His current involvement with the Balm of Gilead mirrors his personal experiences and he has devoted his life to God first while also helping others. He is currently the Executive Pastor of Care and oversees the day to day operations of the church, its auxiliaries, the food pantry and the monthly farmers market.

Gloria Hatch

Controller & Finance Director

Our beloved First Lady, Gloria Hatch is the highly esteemed and gifted spouse of Senior Pastor Michael Hatch.  With a background in accounting and bookkeeping, along with twenty eight years of experience, she manages the Churches finances and is an awesome prayer warrior.     

Shanti Ford

Church Secretary & Sound Technician

Beloved First Lady, Shanti Ford is the beloved wife of Pastor Roi Ford, and is highly gifted in various areas in her life.  Including bookkeeping and finance management, audio visual components, administrative duties and more.  She applies her knowledge as the Church Secretary, and works as the Sound Technician.  

She was born in Saigon Vietnam, in nineteen seventy, and was rescued and brought to America by her father four years later.  Being raised in Church, Shanti remembers attending services, where she was introduced to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through song, and good Bible teaching. One of her favorite scriptures is John 14:12-14

Sharon Smith

Praise and Worship Leader

Sharon Denise Smith started singing at the early age of four years old and writing plays at the age of twelve.  She grew up singing at St. Mark Baptist Church in Long Beach, California.   Where she received her first solo gospel song “Down in the Valley”. That was the beginning of her musical journey, soon becoming one the church's leading soloists and asked to direct the youth choir at the age of 15.  With her sultry soulful voice she soon became one of the voices to be heard not only at her local church but also within her community. That was the beginning of her journey of music melody and production of the anointed group of twelve singers she organized and directed Vision of Praise Gospel Ensemble that ministered for thirteen years locally, nationally and overseas.

While singing has always been a passion for this gifted R&B style, raspy singer, Sharon has also performed for twenty one years at the World Famous Gospel Brunch inside Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.  She was also blessed to be a part of a thirty-city tour in Japan. A Dennis Kasey Parks production called “Liberty on the Street” in 2001 and has toured several cities in the U.S.  

In 1991 Sharon was inspired to write, produce and direct her first production “The Deliverance Zone” which was a great success. She continued being inspired and motivated to write and produce her other gospel stage plays “Stand”, “Untold Realities” and her most recent stage play “Silver Shadow” in which she plays a feisty, shank carrying senior citizen Mother Hutchins and displays her unique ability to sing traditional gospel styling like the great Mahalia Jackson. Her last stage production “Silver Shadow” in which she stars and plays the feisty senior citizen Mother Hutchins highlighted how much she’s grown in her craft as a psalmist, writer, directress and actress. This opened the door for Sharon to be one of the featured local comedians in Aaron Arrington’s Gospel Giggles at the Las Vegas Hilton show doing her very first stand alone stand up gospel segment.  God has anointed this vessel to captivate her audiences by creating a spiritual atmosphere that leaves audiences wanting to shout, rejoice and be energized to get their praise on!
In June 2007 Sharon received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Calcoast University and recently graduated fall of 2014 with a Master of Science in Community Mental Health Counseling from the University of Las Vegas and recently completing requirements, passing National Counselors Exam last year becoming fully licensed as a Certified Professional Counselor starting her own practice Stillwaters Counseling LLC.  She hopes to not only encourage others with her singing and playwriting, comedy but encourage and help the masses to change cognitively and spiritually, negative behaviors that hinders growth becoming fully human and yet encouraging awareness and acceptance in Jesus Christ, who is the Wonderful Counselor.  

Some of her influences musically have been Kim Burrell, Aretha Franklin, John P. Kee; theatrically, Lucille Ball, Mr. Brown, spiritually, her recently deceased mother, her Pastor Michael Hatch and mentor Dr. Tiffany Tyler.  Stay tuned and expect even greater Kingdom work from this gifted, talented and anointed woman of God.

Niesha Jones Cunningham

Praise and Worship Leader and Board Member

Hello, My name is Niesha Cunningham. I am honored to serve as one of our praise and worship leaders and board member. I have been under the spiritual leadership of Dr. Hatch for almost 20 years. As a Las Vegas native, one of my goals is to give back to our community through service in health administration. I am currently finishing up my degree in health management and look forward to networking with others to come up with affordable solutions to the disproportionally and underserved communities regarding mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. God has blessed me with two beautiful kids. I love to read and travel as much as I can.
Every person we encounter in our lifetime has a story and can contribute to the kingdom of God. Revelations 12:11 says "and they overcame him the blood of the lamb and by the words of their testimony." Your story is waiting to be heard and I look forward to serving and growing with you.