Pastors & Staff

Michael H. Hatch

Founder & Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor and Bishop Michael Hatch was born late summer in the year nineteen sixty in Washington, D.C.  He is the oldest of four (4) siblings and accepted Christ as his savior at the age of 9.  He lived for Christ up until the age of thirteen, when he was overtaken by peer pressure.  He was forced to choose between being a “little church boy” or a “popular athlete”.  He became a full-fledged athlete and played football, baseball, basketball, and boxing. In 1982, Two (2) years after receiving his BS Degree in Real Estate & Pre-Law he got involved in drugs and organized crime; which led to God giving him an ultimatum: “Either serve God or spend the next 30 years in prison”. Michael chose God and since that time has become a Senior Pastor and Community Leader.

Roi Ford

Executive Pastor of Care

Executive Pastor Roi Ford was born during the summer of sixty eight in San Mateo, California.  his life is a true riches to rags story, as he was born into wealth, but after a bitter divorce, the comfortable life he knew as a child all came crumbling to an end. By the time he was in high school, he became homeless along with his little sister and mother. They met a Christian man, who ran a shelter with a home-like setting, which provided the help needed to get out of their situation. To this day, he has never forgotten the kind actions of this man. His current involvement with the Balm of Gilead mirrors his personal experiences and he has devoted his life to God first while also helping others. He is currently the Executive Pastor of Care and oversees the day to day operations of the church, its auxiliaries, the food pantry and the monthly farmers market.

Gloria Hatch

Controller & Finance Director

Our beloved First Lady, Gloria Hatch is the highly esteemed and gifted spouse of Senior Pastor Michael Hatch.  With a background in accounting and bookkeeping, along with twenty eight years of experience, she manages the Churches finances and is an awesome prayer warrior.     

Shanti Ford

Church Secretary & Sound Technician

Beloved First Lady, Shanti Ford is the beloved wife of Pastor Roi Ford, and is highly gifted in various areas in her life.  Including bookkeeping and finance management, audio visual components, administrative duties and more.  She applies her knowledge as the Church Secretary, and works as the Sound Technician.  

She was born in Saigon Vietnam, in nineteen seventy, and was rescued and brought to America by her father four years later.  Being raised in Church, Shanti remembers attending services, where she was introduced to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through song, and good Bible teaching. One of her favorite scriptures is John 14:12-14

Sharon Smith

Praise and Worship Leader

Bio coming soon 

Niesha Jones Cunningham

Event Coordinator

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